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Packaging Cockpit

Our software, the Packaging Cockpit (PACO), calculates the technical recycability as well as the life cycle assessment of packaging systems. The calculations can be run for different countries, which enables us to provide country specific evaluations. Additionally, further management functions of the packaging portfolio can be carried out. 

Our goal is to render the recycability of packaging systems transparent with the help of this tool and to thereby support companies in making the right decisions regarding the optimization of their packaging portfolio. The Packaging Cockpit should be applied both within the company as well as on the whole supply chain.


In the Packaging Cockpit (PACO) we integrate a scientific database and scientific methods into software suitable for mass data and can thus offer you the following services: 

• Calculation of the technical recycability 

• Life cycle assessment of packaging systems 

• Depiction of the material flows 

• Consideration of all packaging components

• Applicable for both food & non-food sectors

• Continual updates

• Country specific evaluations 

• Data integrity with GS1


The goal: To optimize your packaging portfolio along the entire supply chain 


Should we have spiked your interest, we will be happy to provide a free online training including a test account!