Circular Packaging Trainings

Through individual consulting services, we work together with you to develop tailored solutions for your company. With years of expertise in the field of packaging economics and management, our experts assist you in addressing individual questions and finding solutions.

A training session at your company could cover the following topics:

Design for Recycling

Functionality of packaging

Introduction to recyclable packaging design

Legal Foundations

EU Circular Economy Package – requirements and goals

Redesign of the European Packaging Regulation

Sustainability Assessment of Packaging

Circular design and sustainability of packaging

Holistic sustainability assessment of packaging (comprehensive consideration)



  • Introduction to recyclable packaging design
  • Recycling processes
  • Material specific advice
  • Design recommendations for packaging
  • Current developments
  • Practical examples from companies


  • EU Circular Economy Package – Claims and targets
  • Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive, Single Use Plastics Directive
  • Packaging Ordinance Austria
  • Circular Design and Sustainability of Packaging
  • Overall sustainability assessment of packaging
  • Practical examples


  • Sorting technologies
  • Recycling technologies
  • Recyclability assessment
  • Practical examples
  • Tour of sorting and recycling plants
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