The Packaging Sustainability Tool offered by Circular Analytics assesses the recyclability and analyses the life cycle of individual packaging or packaging systems. This forms the basis for further optimisation measures.

In the context of these analyses, Circular Analytics offers:

  1. a comprehensive assessment of your packaging system
  2. recommendations for optimisation
  3. expert opinions on recyclability and life cycle analysis.

The results can be adapted to meet specific regional conditions, as well as requirements defined by enterprises.

The Packaging Sustainability Tool represents the following focuses:

Packaging Sustainability Tool

Indirect environmental impacts

Product loss caused by packaging due to incomplete drainability

The amount of residual content that remains in the packaging after it has been used by the consumer is an essential parameter with regard to assessing its sustainability and recyclability. This parameter is examined on the basis of empirical analyses by means of standardised test procedures and is taken into account in the assessment of the packaging design.

Direct environmental impacts

Eco-assessment of packaging materials (packaging life cycle)

The life cycle of a packaging system can be assessed to differing extents:

  • assessment on the basis of literature-derived data using product-related parameters (specification)
  • assessment on the basis of internal company data in the context of a comprehensive process analysis.


Recyclability (design for recycling), proportion of recycled materials used (design from recycling), actual recycling rate

The analysis of the circular potential includes an assessment of the recyclability, the potential for using recycled materials in new products, as well as the specific national situation.