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Holistic Sustainability Assessment

The holistic sustainability assessment represents a multi-criteria assessment method for packaging and its filling goods. The aim of this is the consideration of different ecological aspects under inclusion of different criteria of sustainability.

Based on the 3 pillars of product protection, circularity and environment, relevant indicators for your packaging are selected from a pool of indicators of sustainability assessment according to the Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) Guideline, analyzed and then evaluated for you. 

3 Pillars

Product Protection

Individual Indicators

  • mechanical protection
  • non-mechanical protection
  • migration potential
  • resealability


Individual Indicators

  • reusable
  • disposable
  • technical recyclability
  • recycling rate
  • recyclate content
  • use of renewable raw materials
  • loss of resources
  • consumer involvement


Individual Indicators

  • direct environmental impact
  • indirect environmental impact
  • use of certified materials
  • packaging efficiency