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Circular Packaging Analytics

The Circular Economy Action Plan provides the framework for product policy in Europe. 
Circular packaging is an important prerequisite for a future-oriented circular economy, in order to be able to keep raw materials in the cycle, conserve resources and protect the climate. 

In order to meet the legal requirements of the EU, comprehensive assessments of your packaging system are being carried out. Among other things, we analyze the recyclability of your packaging and support you in optimizing it. 

Within the framework of these analyses, Circular Analytics provides:
1. comprehensive evaluations of the packaging system 
2. recommendations for optimization
3. expert opinions on recyclability 

These results can be adapted to region-specific conditions as well as company-specific requirements. 

Recyclability Assessment

Packaging is considered recyclable if it is collected by a region-specific collection system, is suitable for state-of-the-art sorting and separation processes, and can be recovered in a recycling process. The resulting recyclates must meet a quality standard and have market potential.

Circular Analytics analyzes your packaging systems based on:

Recyclability assessment incl. certification for all packaging materials according to FH Campus Wien/ Circular Analytics (PACO - Circular Analytics Software) methodology.

Design for Recycling

Design for recycling is a sub-area of circular design and describes the suitability of packaging to pass through a sorting process correctly and to be recycled in a recycling process. The Circular Packaging Design Guideline can be used to analyze the recyclability of packaging.


Circular Analytics has developed the Circular Packaging Design Guideline together with FH Campus Wien and Packforce Austria and continues to update it.

Based on the developed Circular Packaging Design Guideline, consulting projects are set up to optimize existing packaging portfolios.